Saturday, January 18, 2014

Going to meet the faithful of Berean Baptist Church

This Sunday, I've chosen to go to Berean Baptist Church in Ogden. Berean Baptist Church is a local, independent church that is proudly fundamentalist and King James only.

According to their website, they hold to very traditional Baptist beliefs: the Trinity, salvation through faith alone, membership only for the saved, communion only for members of that particular church (though they will allow people to come to communion occasionally who are from similar Baptists faiths upon review), adult baptism by total immersion, etc.

What I find most interesting is their doctrine of separation. They must be a separate and independent Baptist body free from any outside influence; believe in separation of church and state (I'm behind this one); and most shocking to me, separation from the world. To quote their webpage: "No financial support is to be given to work or workers whose doctrinal positions are not in keeping with the preamble and statement of faith of this constitution." They also will not associate with any church that is not in line with their beliefs. I'm assuming this doctrine of separation is why they run a K-12 school, though I have no proof of this. It does seem to be a logical conclusion given the evidence.

From their webpage, it seems that I'm in for a starker form of worship than my previous experiences. They are proud of the fact that their worship is plain and doesn't cater to what they feel are worldly gimmicks and trends in worship: modern music, ornate ritual, etc. Instead what it appears I'm in for is a traditional hymn or two, a couple prayers, and a long sermon where they, "dig into God's word."

Not looking forward to this one people. Not sure how I'll be received, but hopefully it all goes over very well.

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