Thursday, July 10, 2014

Heading to the Foursquare Church at Cross Roads Christian Fellowship

This week, I will be visiting yet another Evangelical church. I am heading to Cross Roads Christian Fellowship here in South Ogden. Cross Roads Christian Fellowship is part of the International Foursquare Church, an Evangelical Christian church started in the 1920's by Aimee McPherson. I find it really remarkable that there exists an Evangelical church founded by a woman that early on. Evangelical churches often have a history of promoting gender roles even today, let alone back then.

The Church teaches what are fairly general Protestant Christian principles:

  • Belief in the Trinity.
  • Belief that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and the sole authority on matters of faith and doctrine.
  • Belief Jesus is fully God and man.
  • Belief that humanity by is completely sinful.
  • Belief Jesus's sacrifice on the cross delivered mankind from sin and death.
  • Belief in salvation by grace through faith alone.
  • Practice of baptism. (For them, this is done by full immersion as an outward sign of them being reborn in Jesus.)
  • Practice of communion in memory of the sacrifice of Jesus.
  • Belief in the Last Judgment where all mankind will go to Heaven or Hell for all eternity.

    Additionally, the Church has the following Evangelical and Charismatic elements to them:
    • One must be born again by accepting Jesus as your savior.
    • One develops a personal relationship with Jesus.
    • One is also baptized in the Holy Spirit separate from their conversion.
    • This baptism in the Spirit leads to gifts of the Spirit like speaking in tongues or faith healing
    • Belief in the Rapture and the Millennial reign of Jesus.
    Finally, there are aspects of the Church which, while not necessarily unique, are defining of them:
    • Belief in the 4 aspects of Jesus from which the Church gets its name:
      • Jesus as Savior of the World.
      • Jesus as spiritual healer of mankind.
      • Jesus as the baptizer along with the Holy Spirit.
      • Jesus as the King of the World who's reign is sure to come.
    • Belief that a person can lose their salvation, that once a person is saved, that doesn't mean they're saved forever. They must endure to the end.
    • Faith healing as part of the divine power of Jesus through the Holy Spirit.
    We'll see what this one is like. It seems very similar to a number of other churches I have visited, so, we shall see if there's much difference in tone or service.

    Until next time, peace be with you.

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